Beta Training


1 -Getting Started - Watch the "3 Step" Video. This video covers the first three MAJOR things you need to do to get a customer. Watch Now ---> 3 Steps

2 - Creating Your Proof - In this video I provide a basic overview of what you need to do to establish your proof. It includes a couple of SEO tricks that you can use to get started. Watch It Now ---> Getting Ready, Creating Proof

3 - SEO with Help - In this video you will watch me use Market Samurai, Google Keyword Tools and Content Buzz to demonstrate a small SEO campaign. Watch it Here ---> SEO BuZZ

4 - Client Recon - In this Video I discuss a couple extra steps you need to take after the "3 step" video. There is one REALLY big tip in this video. Watch it here ---> Client Recon

5 - Give'em HECC - Learn how to conduct yourself during a client meeting. It is important to understand and build your own client faceing style. Here is mine ---> HECC Video

6 - StreetFighter Student Success Story - Interview with new Street Fighter Tom Byrd. Tom tells us how he used the Street Fighter methods to close his FIRST deal and exactly how it all happened. Find out how he did it ---> Tom Byrd Interview


Bonus Material


Jon Shugart, Super Affiliate and Founder of Keyword Rockstar (PPC Software)- In this 2-part interview, John and I discuss how he found his way into internet marketing, how he became a super affiliate and how Keyword Rockstar was born.

Streetfighter vs. Rockstar Webinar

The Chicken Fight