Quick update from my meeting yesterday.

Just as an fyi, I found this opportunity on my local Craigslist (see below) and so far, I have responded to this craigslist advertisement and one from a web design company. I have managed a few email exchanges with the web guy about partnership but I'll keep you updated on that deal after I make contact.

Just like my deal with the chiropractor, I sent this guy a jing screencast. However, this time I trimmed the video presentation WAAAY down. In fact I just did some keyword searches and stuff. Check it out here:


I think you will like the street fighter method of "sending a jing video".

 It does not appear that many people are using this method to respond to postings. However, I think you have to be selective with the amount of information you share. Not because of competition but because of "information overdose".

Anyway, I have pasted the email response that the guy sent and I think it is fairly positive. I don't think I have ever received that type of positive reaction so easily.

More to come later..