My name is Robert Stanley and I have been trying to make a living online just like you!

And I have developed a proven method for getting paid by offline businesses faster and easier than ever before. And I am going to share that with you absolutely free.

Why Listen to me?

Even though I have struggled with affiliate programs, I have been selling technology, face-to-face, since 1999. I know what it takes to close business and get money from customers.

Here is the proof (My Paypal Account):


... I have some powerful sales tricks that generated all that money and I want to share it with you ...

  • The 3-step quick-start (get started fast)

  • Best tools you will need to manage and bill your clients (get money)

  • A trick that will put $300-500 in your pocket almost immediately (get money faster)

  • All the mistakes that I have made and how you can avoid them (avoid my mistakes)

  • Why you need proof and how to build it (prove your skills to your clients)

  • And more..

.. that will come as the course continues to develop.


...this is not a bogus course created in some labratory or converted from PLR. I am making this based upon my ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, while it happens. It is almost like an SEM business, reality TV show..

The real story is that I have discovered, just like countless others, that "Offline" opportunites are really at their peak and businesses are in a mad rush to improve their online presence. These businesses NEED YOU more now than ever before and they will pay you to help them.

One MAJOR element that is required to succeed offline is ...

..How to FINDand KEEP customers.

While many offline courses do tell you how to find customers, in general terms, none of them will give you the step-by-step solution.

The Internet Lifestyle

  • As an SEM business owner you dictate your own schedule.
  • You never report to a boss and you can work from anywhere.

You and I both now that all you need is an internet connection and a cell phone. I just spent four days in La Jolla California with my wife and kids... no boss and no time constraints.


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Internet Street Fighter is the Step-By-Step Solution You Need...

...and it is FREE because I am still working on the training material. Just put your name and email address in the box and I will send you the link to the beta access page.





street fighter baby

P.S. - Internet Street Fighter is about making money offline and my methods are easy to follow and they work! Without this, you will likely struggle when getting started.

P.P.S. - This FREE BETA won't last. I am working every weekend, developing the course and adding videos to the training. Once I complete my final video series the course will become a paid program but BETA members will get really cheap access to the final product.

P.P.P.S. - Hey, there is no risk here because all the information is completely free. If you dont like my stuff, you can always unsubscribe.



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